Recovery Support Staff - Addiction Recovery & Support in Monroe County
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Staff Bios

Cameron Farash, M.S.W., Program Coordinator

My name is Cameron and I am the program coordinator of the Recovery Support Navigator team. This program is aimed at providing support, education, and linkage to services for people suffering from drug addiction.  I am a clinical social worker and peer specialist, and am trained in the WRAP model as well as DBT. And both have been major tools in my own recovery.

Previously, I worked at a local all-peer run crisis respite house. I am deeply passionate about the peer model as it focuses on promoting recovery, empowerment, and hope. We will use the model of recovery which includes mutual relationship based on respect and being non-judgmental, self-determination, instilling hope, personal responsibility, respectful challenging if needed, strength-based and empowerment.

I believe recovery not only means recovering what may have been effected by one’s mental health and/or addiction challenges, but it also means allowing one’s wings to take off and thrive like never before. Our Recovery Support Navigator team looks forward to helping you — whether you’re an individual in need of support or a family member who wants help with a loved one’s recovery.

“The goal of recovery is not to become normal. The goal is to embrace the human vocation of becoming more deeply, more fully human.”   –Patricia Deegan

Cindy Beyo, Certified Recovery Peer Specialist

My name is Cindy. Upon my arrival into recovery I faced the dark pit of despair, hopelessness, and thoughts of suicide.  My then therapist was backing me into a corner about my alcohol addiction and telling me that I had myself locked in a prison and I was the warden.  It was time to let myself out.  Things got worse.  My niece Bobbi Ann died drinking and driving and I spiraled out of control emotionally, mentally and physically.

I ended up in rehab 9/11/11. Yes, 911.

My world was falling apart. Thank God it wasn’t the world that fell apart that day, it was me.  I was to be knocked down and rebuilt into someone I never thought I could be.  All it took was the fog to be lifted, some hope and willingness.  I started to practice daily affirmations of positive self-talk that led to self-worth.  I started to think of others who had the same problem and reach out to help them which then led to self-esteem.

My journey has not been easy. I thought things would get better because I stopped drinking. They didn’t.  Life got hard as the family dynamics of alcoholism took more family members down.  I however, got better so that I could deal with it.  What I learned is that death isn’t the greatest loss on earth.  The greatest loss on earth is dying inside while you’re still alive.  That used to be me.

Welcome to recovery and a new life. It is here for you too!

Lynne Macaluso, Family Support Navigator

My name is Lynne Macaluso and I am a Family Support Navigator for the Recovery Support Navigator Team. My role is to engage and partner with families impacted by substance use disorders, providing education on the progression of addiction and access to the service delivery system in Monroe County.

I have personally been impacted by the addiction of a parent who ultimately loss their battle with the illness. I have made the commitment to heal from a lifetime of co-dependency, impaired coping skills and limiting negative beliefs.

In my previous position, I was the Family Services Coordinator for a 15-unit shelter serving homeless women and their children. It was a 180-day empowerment program which provided for the family’s basic needs while offering life skills education, career coaching/job placement, family counseling and housing assistance. Many of the families admitted into our program were in recovery from addiction.

It has become my mission to assist others in their journey toward self-awareness and emotional well-being. I continue to strive to be the best version of myself and walk alongside others in recovery from the devastation of addiction.

Need help navigating the recovery process?

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