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Resources & Support


Family Guidance & Support Group, Thursdays (Twice a Month)

This support group offers education and support to family members in the process of navigating the often overwhelming system of heroin/opioid addiction treatment and other issues in the recovery process.

Focus is on topics such as: what is addiction, the science of addiction, how to be supportive to a loved one in recovery, family roles, self-care, coping skills, etc.

WHEN: 6-7:30pm, Thursdays (twice a month)
WHERE: SBH / Open Access Conference Room (1350 University Ave. Rochester, NY 14607)
WHO: families, loved ones, and friends
COST: Free

Visit our Facebook events page for updates.

The Monroe County Office of Mental Health (MCOMH) is committed to improving the health and quality of life of county residents who are affected by mental illness, developmental disabilities, alcohol and other drugs.

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